I am keen on participating academic and industrial AI challenges to deal with real-world data problems.


Awards in Academia

  • First place, ICCV-21 Masked Face Recognition Challenge
  • First place, IEEE CVPR 2019 UG2+ Challenge - Zero-shot Detection in Rain (Award: $60K)
  • First place, PHI-Net Challenge by Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research Center, Los Angelos, USA [News]
  • Third place, IEEE CVPR 2020 EmotionNet Challenge
  • First place, ACM ICMI 2018 Emotion Recognition Challenge, Colorado, USA
  • NTU Presidential Postdoctoral Fellowship Award (12/1000+)
  • NTU EEE Best Thesis Award (2/400+)

Awards in Industrial Challenges

  • First place, WeChat Big Data Challenge - Multimodal Video Classification (Award: $60K)
  • First place, Alibaba A-tech Challenge 2021 - Transaction Fraud Detection
  • First place, DIGIX Global AI Challenge - Product Image Retrieval (Award: $35K) [News]
  • First place, Xinye Cup 2021 - Intelligent Retail AI Solution (Award: $10K)
  • First place, JD Global Data Challenge 2017 - Livestock face recognition (Award: $100K) [News]
  • First place, HUAWEI Garbage Recognition Challenge (Award: $35K) [IEEE News]
  • First place, Buildathon of Singapore by Ministry of Education
  • Second place, Microsoft Imagine Cup 2017 (2/782)
  • First place, China Mobile Internet of Things Hackathons (Award: $15K)
  • Third place, National AI Challenge - Person Re-identification (Award: $35K)
  • First place, Microsoft Beauty of Programming (BoP-16) Challenge by Microsoft Research Asia/IEEE (1/20000+)
  • First place, Humanoid Robotics Hackathon by ALDEBARAN

Awards in Subject Competition

  • First Prize, National Mobile Internet Innovation Contest 2015 (China)
  • First Prize, National Undergraduate IOT Design Contest 2014 by MOE (China)